Strategy and objectives

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Provide modern innovative medical products for Croatian citizens, as well as educate healthcare professionals and the general population about the latest advances regarding medicines, vaccines and medical products. To inform and educate all interested groups by organizing trainings, seminars, lectures in cooperation with healthcare administration. Development of the Association’s Code of Conduct on the principles of ethical promotion of medicines and transfer of information to the general population. Improve transparent market competition.

Strategic goals

1. Innovation
in medicine as a way to better human health and well-being

2. Ethics
as the business foundation of all members of the Association

3. Partnership
with all interested parties to improve the health system

4. Social responsibility
towards the community/span>

Four pillars


Importance of innovation for health improvement and economic sustainability.


Permanent medical education and positioning of pharma industry’s key role.


Treatment outcomes as a main criterion and value measure.


Patient / health is in the center and that is why we are all here.

Mission and vision
Organisational structure