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At the General Assembly held on 20 July 2017, we officially founded Croatian Medicines Verification Organisation (Hrvatska organizacija za provjeru autentičnosti lijekova – HOPAL), thus making a key step towards timely implementation of the provisions of the Falsified Medicines Directive (Directive 2011/62 / EC) and the Delegated Regulation (2016/161) aimed at preventing the entry of falsified medicines into the legal supply chain, focusing on protecting and increasing patient safety. This is as a key step in the implementation of the serialization process, the establishment of a national verification system and a national repository. Founders are Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Innovative Pharmaceutical Initiative and Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Croatian Chamber of Pharmacists will participate in the work of HOPAL as an active member.

Croatian Medicines Verification Organization (HOPAL) has successfully completed the process of implementation of National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) on February 9, 2019, which will prevent the emergence of counterfeit medicines in the legal supply chain. All pharmacies, hospitals and wholesalers are connected to the system, i.e. a total of nearly 1,200 end users.

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