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Blood cancers don’t just give up, so neither do we.

In CAR-T cell therapy, scientists engineer immune cells to target specific types of blood cancer, using the body’s own immune defenses to tackle the cancer.

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Haemophilia never lets up, so neither can we.

Gene therapies offer a potential life change for patients with haemophilia B, and we won’t rest until similar rare diseases can be relieved or even cured.

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Lung cancer doesn’t stand still, so we don’t either.

Combining cancer treatments increases their power, helping people live healthier lives; we won’t rest until NSCLC can be kept under control or even cured.

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Alzheimer’s never takes a break, so neither can we.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of Europe’s largest public health crises, but we won’t rest until new treatments can halt it in its tracks.

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Diabetes doesn’t take time off, so we can’t either.

We won’t rest until cell therapy can replace a lifetime of continuous insulin therapy for patients with diabetes.

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Bacterial infections never sleep, so neither do we.

We won’t rest until antibacterial monoclonal antibodies can slow antibiotic resistance and fight bacterial infections.

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