Clinical practice guidelines and monitoring treatment outcomes

/Clinical practice guidelines and monitoring treatment outcomes
Clinical practice guidelines and monitoring treatment outcomes 2019-05-21T13:42:11+02:00

Updating the collection of clinical practice guidelines is recognized as an important tool for improving health services, patient pathway through the healthcare system, and improving treatment outcomes. Actively and in good faith, iF! cooperates with all stakeholders in healthcare to achieve this goal.

The role of the innovative pharmaceutical industry is to seek the best possible solutions for unsatisfied medical needs in order to increase the availability of new, revolutionary therapies for all patients and to improve treatment outcomes. When it comes to the most difficult and widespread diseases, the outcomes of treatments are mostly dependent on the availability of innovative therapies and the ability of our physicians to prescribe for each patient the therapy that will in his/her case bring the most benefits, or the best outcomes. Timely availability of the latest therapies is in the best interest of patients, health workers, and ultimately the healthcare system. Channeling funds according to the best outcomes would be the best way to optimize healthcare costs and free the means for innovative, individual therapies that are proven to give the best results.